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Implants from Mexico Dentists at Brio Dental

Our Mexico trained dentists have been providing American patients with implants for nearly 10 years. Fabricated in the USA, our dental implants are durable and comfortable.

After our highly trained dentists determine that a patient is capable of receiving implants, the implants are inserted on the second day of treatment. Six months later the patient returns to our clinic where the dentist will place the crowns on the implants.

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We also do Dental Crowns and Bridges in Mexico

Choose from a wide selection of materials for crowns, manufactured both in the USA and in Mexico. Our dentists will ensure that your crowns fit snuggly with no gaps, and you'll get to ensure that color and bite are just right. We know that you're in Mexico to get fast dental work, so our dentists will work as long as needed to make sure you can be back on your flight home in only a few days.

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